Indian Transgender Concerns: Austria has strict restrictions on the British

Indian Transgender Concerns: Austria has strict restrictions on the British

In addition, Austria has also declared the United Kingdom called a “virus mutation zone”, which means that, as in Brazil, India and the Republic of South Africa, entry into the country is subject to very strict conditions. Basically, only Austrian citizens working there or residing in Austria can enter, but they can also take the negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test that even those who have been vaccinated and who are recovering from the disease are needed. Moreover, in their case, the obligation to quarantine also remains in effect.

The landing ban has been in effect since January for aircraft from Brazil and the Republic of South Africa, with India being added to this list at the end of April.

For the United Kingdom, the ban on landing aircraft was already in effect once from December to March, then due to a British viral mutation, which was lifted on March 21. The ban will go into effect in June due to the Indian boom, which is particularly contagious.

In Austria, 398 people have been newly diagnosed with the virus in the past 24 hours, and 642,138 positive cases have been recorded since the outbreak began. There are currently 384 admissions to hospital and 218 people need intensive care. As a result of complications from the disease caused by (Covid-19) infection, 4 people died last day, bringing the number of deaths from the epidemic to 10551. The number of people recovering from the disease reached 624,549.

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