Indian students filmed themselves hitting a math teacher who was tied to a tree

Indian students filmed themselves hitting a math teacher who was tied to a tree

September 2022 has got a rough start for the boarding school community in Jharkhand, India.

Students and parents reported months ago that math teacher Suman Singh, who was also the principal of the school, was classifying students on the basis of caste and With class-based swear words interest your students.

However, no progress has been made on the case for a long time, he said For journalist Karen Satyarthi, Minister of State for Development.

Click something in children when It was revealed last Saturdaythat the teacher did not allow 11 people from the 32-member class to pass Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) In the 9th grade professional exam that he organizes – it is also claimed that it is classified on the basis of class. According to the students, the teacher only wrote a theory test and did not give them a practical test, which would have been a requirement.

That’s when he was tied to the tree and hit with the deputy director. They posted a video of their autonomy on the internet, which went viral instantly, and so on “finally” It also reached the top management. Both teachers suffered minor injuries.

According to Development Minister Karen Satyarthi, Suman Singh has been suspended and demoted as principal of the school. Further investigations are expected in the case.

Pahariya Uccha Vidyalaya in Jharkhand has 245 students, all of whom are from Pahariya community belonging to Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTG). They are taught by a total of five teachers.

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