Indian Prime Minister: Peace and tranquility in the border areas are necessary for normal bilateral relations with China

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in an interview with Japan’s Nikkei Asia on Friday that peace on the border between India and China is a prerequisite for normal relations between New Delhi and Beijing.

Modi stressed that the relationship between the two neighboring nuclear powers can only be based on mutual respect and respect for each other’s sensitivities and common interests.

India is fully prepared and committed to safeguarding its sovereignty and dignity– said the official Indian Prime Minister at the Hiroshima summit of the Group of Seven most industrially advanced countries in the world (G7).

Modi arrived in Japan on Friday as the special guest of the Group of Seven. The Indian Prime Minister will join representatives of the other three countries in the Quadripartite Security Dialogue (Australia, Japan, United States) to discuss how to act against the rise of China in the Indo-Pacific region.

Peace and tranquility in the border areas are essential for normal bilateral relations with ChinaThis was stressed by Modi, who said the normalization of relations would not only benefit the region but the entire world.

Relations between Beijing and New Delhi have been strained since the 2020 Himalayan border incident in which 24 soldiers were killed. It was the fiercest clash between the two neighbors in more than four decades.

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In response to a journalist’s question, Modi emphasized that India wants normal and good-neighborly relations with Pakistan, but, he said, it is up to the leadership in Islamabad to create an environment free of terrorism and hostility.

Relations between New Delhi and Islamabad soured in 2019 when the Indian leadership stripped Indian-administered Kashmir of its wide autonomy, revoked its constitution and divided it into two separate federal regions – Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir.

Both Pakistan and India claim all of Kashmir. Since independence in 1947, they have fought three wars over the territory.

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