Index – Watan – The Solution Movement launches a poster campaign against traveling abroad

In the party announcement, he wrote: They are watching with concern the statistical data showing that about a million Hungarians have left the country in the past decade, and that about 10 percent of the Hungarian population has emigrated temporarily or permanently to another country. This means that one in 10 Hungarians has left their home country, mostly for a better life and a more predictable environment, they said.

According to the Solution Movement, today no political force has a concrete answer for how Hungary can become a better place. “The party wants to put the country on a path of reform, not on a political basis, but on a professional basis, which may eventually lead to it becoming an attractive and suitable place for its citizens!” They wrote, adding:

In their last campaign, they called on the Hungarians not to give up their place of birth and not to go abroad.

Posters and molinos are mainly located near the motorway to Ferenc Liszt International Airport. “The Resolve Movement believes that there is an opportunity for a political transition in Hungary, which is why the attention-grabbing posters have been put up. The party is trying to persuade Hungarians to stay in the in-person meetings and the Resolve circles,” said Viktor Huzar, head of the Mejoldas Movement, according to the party statement.

He added: They think so In a new political environment, immigration can be stopped through youth support programmes, education support measures, inflation-adjusted wages and a real rental housing programme.