Index - The Science - The Closest Possible Black Hole Has Been Discovered

Index – The Science – The Closest Possible Black Hole Has Been Discovered

The newly discovered black hole is the closest to Earth. In their announcement on Friday, the researchers who made the discovery described the black hole’s mass as four times the mass of the Sun, and

It is three times closer to Earth than the same phenomenon, which is considered the closest so far.

The black hole was originally identified using the European Space Agency (ESA) Gaia probe, said Karim El-Badri, a researcher at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

in the beginning Black hole co-star a movement It is observed orbiting the black hole at approximately the same distance as the Earth from the Sun.

Al-Badri and his team then continued work from the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii, according to MTI. The research confirmed the fact that the black hole was discovered, which was reported in the monthly scientific journal of the Royal Astronomical Society in London.

So far, researchers have not been able to prove that a Black hole how did you do In the Milky Way. The cosmic phenomenon called Gaia BH1 is located after the space observatory within the constellation Ophiuchus.

The Black hole A region of spacetime that nothing, not even light, can escape due to strong gravitational pull.

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