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Index – The Science – How does the simplest movement, walking, charge?

Index - The Science - How does the simplest movement, walking, charge?

Walking is a great form of exercise because it can be done anywhere, anytime, and with any level of fitness. If you regularly walk a tram stop, you are already doing a lot for your health, and all you need are more comfortable shoes. Although walking we can throw it With meditation exercises to have more beneficial effects on our bodies.

Mindfulness Meditation

We begin this kind of gratitude immersion, focusing on what we are grateful for. Let’s mentally make a list of the good and valuable things in our life, for which we can be grateful.

You don’t have to think about the big things, just health, family, and friends – because there is no greater pleasure than this. Of course, if we have a round-the-world trip behind us, we can continue to feel grateful. First, let’s say, as we walk through one stop, we focus on one thing we are grateful for, and then during the second stop, we can switch to another topic.

From the city center to the beach

Another form of meditation is visualization. When we are walking, for example in the noisy city center, imagine that we are in a quiet and comfortable place, for example, lying on the grass in Lake Balaton, on the beach or digging our feet in the warm sand. We feel the wind blowing through our hair (if we still have hair), and the sun caressing our face. Focus on being relaxed and calm as you walk, and notice how your body becomes lighter and more relaxed as you move.

Breathing meditation uses breathing to focus the mind and can be done in motion – even while walking, running, or passively sitting. Take a deep breath in through your nose and focus on a word that is positive and can reflect your feelings. This word can be “good,” “quiet,” “happy,” or even “proud.” Maybe we’re proud of ourselves for getting out – it’s that simple. Then exhale and think about letting go of all the emotions that conflict with this positive feeling. It could be stress, anger or nervousness. Repeat this breathing pattern and link the words several times during the time you spend outside.

With these exercises, walking is no longer just a simple step, but also a movement that refreshes the body and soul, which if we include it in every day, we can even forget about the gym.

(Cover Photo: (Shawn Gallup/Getty Images)

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