Index - the economy - put in permanently the government retirement savings

Index – the economy – put in permanently the government retirement savings

She added that the government has no plans to offer pension bonds InfoStart Gherjeli Goulias, Minister of the Prime Minister, at the Government Information House on Thursday. With this, an initiative launched in 2018 put an end to the cabinet, with Giorgi Barza, head of the Public Debt Management Center, first mentioning that this type of regular, long-term government bond that delivers retail savings is being considered.

Then, at a later date, Finance Minister Mihaly Varga also adopted the idea, which according to plans, could have been developed in such a way as to make the retirement age attractive, even an interest rate premium of 3% above inflation, similar to that. To Baby Bond or the self-care of premium Hungarian government bonds would have provided an additional incentive for savers to plan that a natural Hungarian citizen would incur no costs with securities traded in the treasury system, either through account management, securities purchases, or remittances, and that the state The Hungarian will. Savings guaranteed.

Meanwhile, the Hungarian State Plus (MÁP +) system, known as state super insurance, which absorbed a standard amount of free money – or even in the form of Lombard loans – was introduced to investors struggling with a shortage of interpretable bank interest rates. Thus, in November 2019, the press asked the Finance Minister about the pension bond offering to no avail, and Mihaly Varga only said that they did not want to launch another government program against a successful bond program, so the retirement savings have been postponed, but they are still in the pipeline.

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By the way, the program was held here even in October 2020, and GDMA considered that it could be launched in the first half of 2021 at the earliest.

While the state continues to insist on increasing the stock of domestic debt held by local retail investors, and still maintains the pre-set target of 11,000 billion, it decided to issue other bonds in foreign currency last year, citing the interests of foreign investors, depending on the decisions of foreign investors. The government is disgusting. This saved the budget large sums by repurchasing bonds previously issued before maturity.

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