Index - the big picture - let's not call it a sport

Index – the big picture – let’s not call it a sport

Significant restrictions on international sports began in March: first, they only reduced the number of spectators and then gradually made matches in many sports a closed goalkeeper.

Competitions have been postponed due to uncertainty: the Formula 1 season, which began in March, began in July, road bike tours have been postponed for three weeks to the fall, and the International Tennis Federation (ITF) has announced 900 races at a new time. The playoffs in the major American leagues were interrupted and then completed in the so-called bubble, and the knockout match was replaced by the Football Champions League in August.

There were also sports that decided to cancel tournaments:

  • For the first time since World War II, no tennis tournament has been held At WimbledonAnd the
  • Lagged behind the 2020 adult World Hockey ChampionshipAnd the
  • One of the most interesting esports competitions, A. Fortnite World CupAnd the
  • For the first time since 1945, it lagged behind American National Spelling Contest.

However, with strict epidemiological regulations and measures in place, competitions continued / resumed in many sports. Wearing masks and disinfection has also become commonplace in sports, but empty stands still offer an unusual sight. In our gallery below, we show how the sports world has adapted to the Coronavirus epidemic.

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