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Index – Technology – The next high-end phone leak is one-on-one

Index – Technology – The next high-end phone leak is one-on-one

It’s only been a couple of weeks since Google unveiled its budget-friendly phone, the Pixel 7a, and we’re already reading rumors about their next device — what’s more, we’ve seen videos showcasing the phone in its entirety. Of course, we are talking about the Pixel 8 Pro, the search giant’s upcoming high-end mobile phone, which according to current information will be released sometime in the fall, so it might be strange that the phone has already been leaked.

photo: @Neil_Sarg/Twitter

However, Google has always been known to show off its new devices weeks or months before the official launch in some cases. In 2019, for example, the design of the Pixel 4 was revealed already in June, simply because some rumors about its appearance began to circulate – and they also wanted to prevent them from suspecting that the camera island on the back of their phone was a copy of the iPhone 11 series, in That time because it wasn’t entirely clear how Apple would implement the triple-camera solution that has since become iconic.

Essentially, the Pixel 8 Pro will continue the same design line that Google started with the Pixel 6, but judging by the video we can find more fine tuning and a very special new sensor on the back of the device.

The Pixel 8 Po video was posted by leakster Kuba Wojciechowski and 91 Mobiles, but it’s no surprise that it was deleted from almost everywhere shortly after it was uploaded. But fortunately, this time was enough for experts to take a closer look at the new device, one of whose biggest innovations will be a built-in infrared thermometer — but no one knows why.

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Could a new sensor be coming?

The new sensor had already appeared in a previous leak, but at the time no one thought Google would actually install a thermometer in its latest phones, as most were hoping the search giant would instead use the LiDAR sensor already familiar from iPhones up to the latest. pixels. As is known, thanks to LiDAR, the device’s camera can focus more easily even in low light conditions, and when taking portrait photos, it more accurately determines the contours of the subject – thus it has several advantages.

Despite this, Google decided to incorporate a non-contact thermometer, which works exactly like the thermometers used in many places during the coronavirus pandemic, which were sufficient to be placed close to the surface of the skin. However, it appears that the sensor will also be able to read the temperature of other objects, so the built-in camera app could also have thermal camera functionality, but there is no indication of a collaboration between the sensor and the cameras.

Below, you can watch a video, supposedly made exclusively for Google employees, where a topic demonstrates the new Pixel 8 Pro’s sensor and body temperature functionality. The woman in the video first brings the back of the phone up to her forehead, then slowly rotates it toward her temples, ending the measurement.

Obviously, the data generated by the sensor will be stored exclusively on the devices by Google, which will be processed in the Android Private Compute Core. Reportedly, Google employees are already testing the functionality – presumably, which is why the aforementioned video was created. By the way, it is expected that the temperature sensor will be found exclusively in the Pixel 8 Pro, and the basic Pixel 8 will not receive this novelty.

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Maybe Google will move sooner this time around

As mentioned earlier, it would not be surprising, knowing the leaks, that Google would reveal the appearance of Pixel 8 mobile phones in the next few days, despite the fact that its appearance can only be expected sometime in the fall, around October. and november.

In addition to the aforementioned sensor, the new top phones will certainly receive the Tensor G3 system chip from Google, and in the case of the Pro model it can also be read that the screen will now be completely flat – however, pricing, development of cameras and other fine-tuning have not been disclosed. after.