Index - Technology - The latest Cyberpunk 2077 patch also destroyed the main story

Index – Technology – The latest Cyberpunk 2077 patch also destroyed the main story

Update: In the meantime, a new fix has arrived that fixes this error.

Original article: The long-awaited Cyberpunk update – which in principle was a true “big generation” – did not, according to gamers, produce a massive improvement at the time, but it also succeeded in “implementing” the so-called “bug-breaking” in the game.

It’s called the “game breaking bug” in the player’s commercial press, which literally breaks the game so it can’t be played since. Such complex role-playing errors are always associated with the main story, so the fact that such a problem might occur in side quests is somewhat of a “sin to be forgiven,” but is no longer clearly accepted in the main plot.

In this case, it adds to the fact that this bug was not included in the game on December 10 last year, which was released in a case of scandal anyway, but in a software patch that was released more than a month later (last Saturday).

More specifically, it’s the Down on the Street mission, in which a character named Takemura shoots the game’s protagonist, V (hence we are) a day after we complete the mission so we can move forward with the main story. The only problem is that with the new “fix”, the dialogue does not take place, and the result is that the game does not go further, we are stuck at this point. Wrong too

Found on all platforms.

The text of the CD-ROM project reads on the issue:

We’re already working on the issue that the conversation about the Down on the Street mission won’t start and we’ll release an urgent fix as soon as possible.

In the meantime, an “alternative solution” (“alternative solution”) is proposed:

  1. Maintain game center before V and Takemura leave Wakako’s office.
  2. Let’s end the conversation with Takemura as we walk out of the office.
  3. Once we’ve finished the conversation and when the task is updated, move in on time until 11 PM.
  4. Watch the conference call and take it instantly if you call Takemura.
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Unfortunately, those who have already gone wrong and go much further cannot bypass that bug in this way, at least without reloading the previous play position, so even several hours of progression can go into soup.

Worse still, it is very likely that the previously mentioned “Hotfix” (which is “hot” to the point that it cooks when closed) will not help, because it is an unexpected event within the game.

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