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There is nothing more annoying than when you want to record an important moment with your phone, but the recording is intermittent or, in the worst case, does not start at all, because the storage space of the device is full. This is when you rush, delete some photos or apps, and then get upset for a long time because you missed that very moment. If all this has happened to you, then you are in the right place, as we show you some tricks with which you can save an amazing amount of storage space on your phone in some cases.

There was already one about the release of iOS 16 and the new features that come with it in a longer article We also wrote, however, that we did not touch on that very small function of a Pictures has been applied. Thanks to this, with just a few clicks, you can delete duplicate or deceptively similar photos and videos, which take up space on your iPhone completely unnecessarily.

To be able to perform the process, it is necessary that you are running the latest version of iOS. Once done, open the file Pictures app, then scroll down else up to the ear. click here duplicate items menu item, then see duplicate photos and videos, if any. By default, you can merge the contents one by one, but if you want to complete the process with all of them, there is of course a way to do that. Click on Designation, Then it is Select all Then the button below will appear For the sake of unification. After that, in the confirmation window, the iPhone will offer to merge only exact matches or those that seem identical, but with different metadata, and after making the selection, it will also delete unnecessary photos. By counting five or six videos around 300MB in size and 80-100 photos at 1-2MB in size, you can free up 2-3GB of storage space on your phone, which can be a life-saver in certain situations.

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You have other options

Fortunately, this is not the only way to free up some storage space on your phone, as you may not find any duplicates. Another common problem among users is that we download a lot of apps that we think we are going to use, but in reality we only open them twice every six months, or even less. Of course, because we think it’s important, we’ll never want to delete it, because

What if I need it again one day?!

We’ll help you: It won’t, but the good news is that Apple has a solution for this, too. open the settingsthen tap it GeneralAnd within that iPhone storage to the menu item. If there is too little free space, your phone will offer to remove recently used apps here Which is an unfortunate wording, because removing a device does not mean complete deletion. If you tap this option, the phone will free up the storage space occupied by the app, but the documents and data stored in the app, as well as the app icon, will all remain intact on the device, so if you want to download the app again, just tap on it.

Allowing your phone to store your photos and videos in iCloud is also a good option. Apple provides five gigabytes of cloud storage for free, but you can increase it tenfold at any time for just 299 forints per month. Storing photos in iCloud is also a file in settings To enable it, open the app and scroll down until you see the Pictures menu item. Tap on it, and under the iCloud menu, select it Optimize iPhone storage Selection. Then, the high-resolution version of the photos and videos on the device will be uploaded to iCloud, while the low-resolution version that takes up much less storage space will remain available on the phone.