Index - Technology - Science - He first flew to another man-made planet

Index – Technology – Science – He first flew to another man-made planet

A Mars helicopter, Ingenuity, arrived aboard a passenger on the NASA Perseverance Mars, and made a successful flight on Mars on Monday morning. The device began its maiden flight at 10:30 EST, which took 40 seconds. On its first flight, it rose to a height of three meters, taking black and white photos and high-definition video.

Creativity remained in the camera image on the back

Photo: NASA / JPL-Caltech / ASU / Reuters

Ingenuity’s take-off was delayed twice in a row last week due to error messages and the flight control software has been corrected.

After a successful flight, the device is expected to take off every third to fourth day of Mars. On his fifth voyage, he is expected to venture into a remote and unknown territory already.

Creativity is the first man-made device to fly on another planet. On a historic expedition, he took with him a piece of the Wright Brothers’ plane to commemorate the flight of the first plane 117 years ago. The Mars helicopter was developed by American experts for five years.

The Martian atmosphere is only 1 percent of that of Earth’s atmosphere, so helicopter fans have to work even harder to produce the same lift to lift the 1.8-pound device. This means carbon fiber propellers produce 2,500 rpm, compared to 600-800 rpm for ground-based helicopters. The device will have to fly on its own, as the controllers are so far away that the instructions for maneuvering will arrive within twenty minutes. Plus, all you need to do is be able to recharge your solar panel and keep cool at 90 degrees below zero at night.

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