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Index – Technology & Science – Google Chrome is facing a historic change

Index – Technology & Science – Google Chrome is facing a historic change

Google has been working on innovations for years that would allow it to know much less personal data about users, that is, they want to abandon the use of cookies.

Recently, Google confirmed that it plans to maintain the previous schedule regarding the change in its Chrome browser, which will radically change the way the Internet and advertising work within it.

The search giant’s software will soon block so-called third-party cookies

Instead, Google has introduced a new API (Application Programming Interface) to Chrome that will allow for ad targeting without tracking web users.

Firefox and some other browsers have already begun blocking tracking cookies, but Chrome and Microsoft Edge, based on its engine, also allow their use by default. For now – in the coming weeks, Google will start offering the default setting that blocks them in Chrome.

Only less than 1% of Chrome users will initially see the change, and Google will use this to detect potential performance issues and give web companies time to test and adapt to the new way of working.

In 2024, Google will start implementing the default more widely, and eventually it will become impossible to track all Chrome users with the help of cookies. books Computer forum.