Index - Technology - Science - Apple is driving its users crazy

Index – Technology – Science – Apple is driving its users crazy

One of the novelties of the update is that it pays more attention to protecting user data, for example, it prevents applications from accessing the device clipboard without our permission, which at first glance seems to be a particularly significant improvement, but sometimes it becomes clear only after Extended use An innovation that works in a way that is not very user friendly – at least not in its current form.

like this the edge He also drew attention to the fact that Apple also made the same mistake, because after updating to iOS 16, almost every time iPhones ask when a user wants to paste copied text somewhere

Are you sure you want to allow this?

This in itself wouldn’t be a problem if the system would remember our decisions between certain apps, but there’s no way for that yet, so it’s an endlessly annoying function. In some cases, the popup itself does not appear correctly, for example, a Twitter user reported that he cannot insert texts since the update, because the window collapses as soon as he clicks on it.

For Apple’s benefit, they certainly had only the safety of users in mind this time around, since in some cases clipboards can also contain sensitive information, but in this case the functionality has been pushed too far. Hopefully Apple will solve everything with a future update.

We have written more about the new features that the new iOS 16 update promises to users in our article below.

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