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Index – Technology One of the most popular game publishers is embroiled in yet another scandal

Index – Technology One of the most popular game publishers is embroiled in yet another scandal

As a splash out of the blue, Ubisoft has introduced a brand new development in recent days that, in theory, will make the work of scriptwriters working for the publisher and development studios easier. The new AI-based feature is called GhostWriter, and its job will be to write the dialogues of non-playable characters (NPCs) found in Ubisoft games.

NPCs play a huge role in open world games like those made by Ubisoft Doctrine killerin or a far cryBecause it is essential that the environment reacts to the actions of the character, and that they interact with each other as they roam the world, thus creating the perfect immersion.

Ubisoft has high hopes for GhostWriter, which means that it is planned to be implemented in all large-scale open-world games, but according to the community, it will do more harm than good.

Among others, Alana Pierce, who works for Santa Monica Studios, expressed her displeasure. According to him, editing machine lines can take much longer than writing your own lines from scratch. According to him, developers should instead spend the money spent on technology development on hiring writers.

As a writer, editing AI-generated scripts/dialogues seems more time consuming than writing my own lines. It would be a lot better if AAA studios spent the money it costs to create these tools to hire more writers instead.

Pearce explained in his Twitter post.

Sam Winkler, who is strengthening the ranks of Gearbox, is of a similar opinion, and says novice writers should not be ignored To be noticed, because in many cases writing lines for an NPC’s background is the first work experience that can be billed and written on the resume. Although GhostWriter, according to Ubisoft’s interpretation, only frees writers from boring work, Winkler does not agree with this at all.

It is not yet known when we can meet the lines written by GhostWriter, but it is almost certain that the French Ubisoft will not back down due to some negative reviews.