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Index – Technology – Gamers are furious with the release of The Last of Us on PC

Index – Technology – Gamers are furious with the release of The Last of Us on PC

Despite being released on the PlayStation 3 in 2013, Last of Us is enjoying its biggest boom right now, thanks to the adaptation of the HBO TV series to the video game Naughty Dog, starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, and its introduction to a very wide audience. A post-apocalyptic story, according to which the Earth was overrun by a fungal infection, turning the luckiest people into mindless zombies. The first Last of Us game has been facelifted from time to time by the creators and brought to new generations, so PlayStation 4 owners can also relive adventures with Joel and Ellie in remaster form. Also, a remake, considered by critics to be almost complete, has been released for the current generation, PlayStation 5, titled Last of Us Part I.

On March 28, The Last of Us Part 1 was also released for PC, but perfection did not match the qualities used in the PC version of the remake this time. Instead, it was said to have been a combination of glaring, unplayable bugs, and hasty action. There are over 13,000 on Steam so far appreciation Players have written about it, and only 45 percent of them are positive at the time of writing our article, so the majority were disappointed with the end result.

There are those who point to The Last of Us Part 1 as the worst PC release ever, stating that they waited 10 years to play the adventure on PC, during which time they avoided every single review, video, and spoiler content in general on the Internet. Others complain about the lack of optimization of the remake, and write that they would rather request a refund in the Valve online store, since this is not the case. These opinions are confirmed by the YouTube channel Gameranx, which recorded a video that when trying to launch Last of Us on the Steam Deck, the game simply freezes on the portable console.

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To make the scale of the problem palpable, we show a few screenshots that one of the gamers made from Last of Us on PC.

It is also possible to examine how tragic the situation is in the form of videos. We never dreamed we’d see Ellie turned upside down.

Not to mention the town of its famous opening section glowing with Christmas lights.

Naughty Dog admitted that it made a mistake and assured PC players that the team is working hard to fix the issues and that several patches will be rolled out for the latest version of Last of Us in the coming days. The Last of Us Part 1 was originally scheduled to be released at the beginning of March, but due to some improvements, the PC version was delayed by a few weeks. However, it seemed not enough, because the PC port was still a disaster. According to some speculations, because of the series, they tried to strike the iron while it was hot, but it is clear that haste did not lead to good results.