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Index - Technology - A selfie camera that flies from the phone, can you come?

Index – Technology – A selfie camera that flies from the phone, can you come?

A company called Vivo, which is part of the Chinese conglomerate BBK Electronics, filed for a patent granted by LetsGoDigital I noticed. The document, released on July 1, 2021, shows plans for a conventional device whose top could be removed and a miniature drone could be towed from it.

It looks completely ordinary mobile on plans The front device is replete with a large screen, on the right side are the power and volume control buttons. Moving overhead, however, a drone with four propellers can be taken out.

The small drone will have two cameras and infrared sensors, which will be controlled by phone. The small drone will also include an extra battery, although it’s not about its size. With the two cameras, it will be possible to take pictures and videos, and the drone will use infrared sensors to avoid collisions and calculate distances.

It is questionable how long the device can fly, what stability will the device have, and how much larger and heavier the phone will be? Charging can be done using the device’s built-in battery, but it can be charged

It will be difficult to solve without a significant increase in weight so that the plastic drone will not be carried by a stronger air strike and it will also be easier to control it.

Small flying cameras are already there, like the Air Pix, but they are the same size as the phone, they cost about 30-40 thousand fort, and judging by the reviews on the Internet, those who bought them do not faint.

Based on Vivo’s charts, it’s even questionable how the internal structure of the mobile will be changed. By integrating the drone into your mobile phone case, the supposedly small size of the battery has to be moved, the fate of the built-in cameras is in doubt, and the water resistance can be forgotten.

This isn’t the first time Vivo has tested removing the self-timer camera from the front of the phone anyway. Previously, devices with an engine-generated camera from their portable housing were also sold, as well as a camera sensor built into the screen. They are experimental Previously.

But Vivo is not the only manufacturer testing mobile phones with disassembled accessories. From the manufacture of mobile devices since then Retreat For example, LG also launched the G5 in 2016, thanks to its modular design for additional accessories. Right, implementation Confused succeeded.

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