Index – Technology – A monstrous chip that could be in next year’s iPhones

Just a week ago, news broke that Apple is working on the next generation of GPU iPhone 14 Pro for him, but in the later stages of development, they found a design flaw that forced them to abandon the plans.

According to the report, engineers were “overambitious” in adding new features, causing the prototypes to show much higher power consumption than expected based on simulated estimates. In practice, all this means that the chip used up the battery much more than expected, so the operating time was significantly reduced, and thermal problems appeared after prolonged use.

After that, it is not surprising that Apple has written down the A16 plans for a ray-tracing-capable graphics unit on paper one by one, but they have not ruled out the possibility that they will not be able to return in the next generation.

the 9to5macFor example, we were able to get an insight into what the A17 chip that will be installed in the iPhone 15 series can do. As it turned out, next year’s iPhone 15 is expected to use it, as well as Macs powered by the new M2 Pro chip. , the company’s new 3nm process, and this is a very big step forward.

Although Apple refers to the A16 chip that powers the iPhone 14 Pro models as a 4nm chip, manufacturer TSMC doesn’t quite say that anymore, but rather describes the N4 process used for the processor as an improved version of the 5nm one. technology, so in practice we can observe the real leap next year.

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This is why nanometers matter

New processing generations allow developers to cram more power into a chip of the same size, or nearly the same power as before into a much smaller chip – striking a balance between optimal performance and outstanding uptime.

According to TSMC, 3nm processes will provide better performance than 5nm chips, while consuming 35 percent less power.

On paper, it can be said that this is a very big step forward, which is definitely necessary, because the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max do not always impress users with the operating time – 120 Hz technology installed in mobile phones. Always Awake Show Because he became a real energy vampire.