Index - Technical Sciences - The little fox can no longer fly because it is extinct

Index – Technical Sciences – The little fox can no longer fly because it is extinct

Although many species have been saved, such as the giant panda, bag devil, or gray wolf, there are more than twenty animals, including America’s largest woodpecker, ivory woodpecker However, we seem to have lost it forever.

However, we might think that woodpeckers are not in danger, as 250 species are excavating all over the world. On the other hand, the ivory beak was last seen in April 1944 in northeastern Louisiana and has not been found in its native habitat in the southeastern United States and Cuba since. Although it was widely demanded decades later. The extinction and disappearance of natural forests has led to the extinction of showy birds as is often the case.

stop singing

The reason for the disappearance of a small bird may be the same. The Bachmann caterpillar, belonging to the order Sparrows, was such a rarer songbird in America that it had not been seen in the United States since 1962. Although one was documented in Cuba in 1981, no verifiable observations have been made in the country since then.

The fox can no longer fly

Guam’s flying fox, also known as the Mariana’s little fruit bat (15cm), lived in Pacific Micronesia, including Guam in the Marianas Islands, until hunting (yes, a delicacy among locals) and changing its habitat left terrestrial animals forever.

He was not with us for long. It was discovered in 1931 that it was planting with its larger and more common relatives. The last specimen was a female who was seen in March 1967 and tried to catch her. But he was more slender than people. They are said to have seen one in the 1970s, but this observation cannot be proven and documented, so it has now been permanently abandoned.

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For an animal to be declared extinct, we must face no individual for decades.

(Cover Photo: Marianas Fruit Bat / Shutterstock)

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