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Index - Technical Sciences - Mother Earth is tired, Bobo is collapsing

Index – Technical Sciences – Mother Earth is tired, Bobo is collapsing

MTI reports that researchers are of the opinion that Bolivia’s Lake Pobo is unlikely to regenerate. Experts say that the lake has fallen victim to the discharge of water used for irrigation, and it is unlikely to “recover” it due to the warm and dry climate.

Located at an altitude of 3,700 meters on the Andean plateau, Poopó is the second largest lake in Bolivia. It is very shallow and its water level, according to scientists and the original Ajmar, periodically jumps and then recharges. Older residents of nearby villages say that the lake replenishes about every fifty years, but it is now considered dubious.

Due to climate change and pollution, the weather is no longer expected. In our language, the Jamra, we say: Mother Earth is tired

Happy Valerio Rojas who lives next door.

Scientists are skeptical, too. According to Jorge Molina, of the University of San Andres, temperatures in the Andes rise above the global average, especially during the day. As a result, evaporation accelerates, which makes it difficult for such a shallow lake and wildlife to survive.

Because of this, the lake is no longer working. A lake that dries up too much does not function properly for its flora, fauna and biodiversity

Molina said.

The drought also alienated the communities that lived on the banks of the lake.

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