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Index – Technical Sciences – begins family-centered developmental training for premature babies

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In Hungary, there is no uniform regulation regarding the presence and participation of parents in a neonatal ward / neonatal wards. There are places where parents can spend an entire day with their premature baby without restrictions, while in other places a mother can only spend half an hour with her baby twice.

In Hungary, every 11-year-old baby is born as a premature baby. The survival and growth chances of babies depend to a large extent on the equipment in which the premature baby is born and the number of staff and training them to provide for the premature baby’s needs.

Neonatologist Dr. Kasaba Nadour confirmed.

One of the cornerstones of family-centered care is the constant presence of parents. This is key to the survival and early development of premature babies without permanent damage. The main goal of My Next to You Association is to have more and more premature birth intensive care units in Hungary, where parents of premature babies can be with their babies at any time and have them nursing at all times.

Family-centered care is the most beneficial way to start premature babies’ lives. The primary goal of the FINE Development Support training, launched in January, is to train as many professionals as possible in the practical implementation of family-centered care.

Balázs Venkovits, a member of the My Place Association, said.

In the case of premature babies, it can be said that parental attendance and family focused care are absolutely essential for a healthy start in life. Parental exclusion and introduction of strict restrictions can lead to long-term health and development disturbances in the newborn and affect the mental health of the parents.

To support this, special training will be launched specifically for staff caring for babies who need the intensive care of premature babies. The foundation training organized by the association is for all professionals working in the preterm intensive care unit (neonatologist, specialist nurse, assistant nurse, pediatric surgeon, ophthalmologist, obstetrician and gynecologist) who turn to informed consent and wish to improve growth centered around Family care for a newborn.

Training is free for participating health professionals, if the institution – where the participating specialist works – has applied for FINE training in the “Family-Friendly Obstetrics Application Program” (CSBSZ 2019). The tender was announced by the Ministry of Human Resources and the Governmental Healthcare Center.

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