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Index - Technical Sciences - A second year student can revolutionize road planning

Index – Technical Sciences – A second year student can revolutionize road planning

06.03.2021. 20:17

Sándor Bogyó is a second year computer science student in plant engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. When he switched phones a year ago, he realized there was no real alternative to the BKK Courier in Budapest. And you can’t find an app where all city schedules are in one place.

As a traveler, it is often only possible to use somewhat outdated apps, which have been lagging far behind in design and functionality for several years, which is also reflected in the ratings of various timeline apps.

He explained to the index the student student, who as a result began to develop his schedule and implement the route planner last October. He has gone through all the reviews about the current apps and tried to get what people are asking for. This was aided by his undergraduate studies and the many online courses he completed on the subject.

This is how the Timetables app was born, where all BKK, MÁV and Volánbusz flights can be found, and plans to expand in the future with additional service providers. Most of the schedule data is in real time, and flights can also be tracked directly on the map.

What exactly does the app that developed it know? the following:

  • real time schedule data,
  • Nearby flights based on GPS location,
  • the ability to save favorites (frequently used trips),
  • transit connections,
  • real time flight tracking,
  • By displaying your route on the map,
  • instant signal of traffic changes,
  • Merge schedules for different cities.

The app just started in Block App Store, but android version is on the way, beta scheduling app website can be connected.

(Cover image: Trams at the station at the end of the Margaret Buda Bridge. Photo: Csaba Jászai/MTVA)

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