Index - Technical Science - Expensive repairs due to adblue and a new Volkswagen

Index – Technical Science – Expensive repairs due to adblue and a new Volkswagen

There are a million people who can fix a failing adblue system, and one when Volkswagen introduces a new electric car. There will also be talk of technical tests expiring, a special and fast Mazda car, and a thief who is an artist inside. Total Car News.

The adblue system is now a standard accessory for all diesel engines: this is how diesels can meet ever-increasing environmental standards. But what happens when this system collapses? We show a specific example where one It costs a million to repair a three-year-old car.

Volkswagen has unveiled the electric equivalent of the Passat, which is id got a name. It’s just a concept car at the moment, but it’s very promising: very well-groomed, big battery and a range of 620 kilometers.

Did your car pass the technical test under Covid and take the opportunity to not have to renew it right away? You have until Thursday to make an appointment at the exam station. We show the details.

A very special car has arrived at the final part of the Tullage track: the Mazda RX-7 powered by the Wankel engine. The planetary piston engine almost merges with the Japanese brand, but its reputation is not very good. But what does the old Mazda know about the track? We weighed it!

How the first taxi movie works Try Imitation Thief, who was arrested by the police in Ubuda: The Peugeot 206 SW has just been blown from gold to silver. He was less professional about the process, because he didn’t do it in a truck, and the tool was also a simple spray can.

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