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Lord of the Rings fans can prepare themselves, because the arrival of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum stealth on May 25 is just the beginning, in 2023 and 2024 it is expected that there will be a real dump in the field of video games set in Middle-earth. As reported earlier by Polygon Written by, the Swedish group Embracer has acquired the rights to adapt the fantasy world dreamed up by JRR Tolkien, and they are not holding back, they are already working hard on the novelties. Among them, there will be a mobile role-playing game called Heroes of Middle-earth, which is currently being put together by the creators of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, survival creator Return to Moria, where we have to do it. The dwarf kingdom is thriving, and Peter Jackson, formerly of The Lord of the Rings -trilogy and Weta Workshop, who contributed to the Avatar films, is also hard at work on a fourth, top-secret video game.

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These are four new games so far, but there are also five that we don’t have specific information on. However, now it has been revealed that it will be a big-budget open-world MMO in which, in addition to the stories of The Hobbit, we can immerse ourselves in the events of the well-known book trilogy The Lord of the Rings, experience the experience with other players. The yet-to-be-released Lord of the Rings MMO is being produced by Amazon Games Orange County, who already have experience in the genre, having previously made the massively multiplayer online role-playing game New World, whose successful launch we also reported.

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So far, all there is to know about the MMO set in the Lord of the Rings universe is that it will make it to PC and consoles, but exactly when it will be is questionable. This is Amazon’s second attempt at this topic, in 2019 they also specified a Lord of the Rings MMO, which would have taken place many years before Fellowship of the Ring, Hong Kong-based Leyou Technologies was responsible for this, but Amazon removed me from the project When Tencent bought Leyou, then the giants could not reach an agreement.

Amazon Games of course made a statement about how much the Lord of the Rings franchise means to them, and that this new deal is both a great honor and a great responsibility for them – but Amazon Studios’ Lord of the Rings series is also worth considering. , The Rings of Power despite great promises, was able to show something tangible only in terms of visuals, but failed miserably in terms of story, character management and world building with the first season. Knowing this, it is worth treating their promises with reservations.

In the field of MMORPGs, fans do not have to despair even if Amazon’s attempt does not succeed, after all The Lord of the Rings Online, which was published in 2007 and switched to a subscription model for a long time, and then changed to a free model, is still on Alive and breathing in 2021, a DLC called Fate of Gundabad has also arrived.