Index – Tech-Tudomány – Catalin Carrico and Tom Hanks also received honorary doctorates

The educational institution in Cambridge, Massachusetts, presented the titles to the new honorary doctors, dressed in robes and caps, at the traditional commencement ceremony.

approval Tom Hanks And Katalin Carico next to Jennifer Doudna American chemist, winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, David Levering Louis Pulitzer Prize-winning American historian, Hugo Noe Morales Rosasexecutive director of the Latin American public radio network Radio Bilingüe, and advocates for marginalized people, W Michael Glenn Mullena retired US Navy admiral and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, could take over.

According to the MTI report, Hanks also gave a speech at this year’s elite American University alumni graduation ceremony, emphasizing the importance of fighting for justice. He called on his audience to defend “the freedom of all” rather than indifference. At graduation ceremonies at major American universities, it is customary for politicians or other celebrities to address the graduates.

Catalin Carico, who was installed an Honorary Doctor of Sciences, and Tom Hanks, who was installed an Honorary Doctor of Arts, embraced and rejoiced at the honorary title, and photos of the scene were posed.

(Cover photo: Catalyn Carrico, a biochemist, research biologist, and one of the developers of an mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine, recipient of an honorary Doctor of Science, and US actor Tom Hanks, recipient of an honorary Doctor of Arts, at the University’s graduation ceremony Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts on May 25, 2023. Photo: CJ Gunther/EPA/MTI)