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Index – Tech-Tudomány – A popular YouTube job will disappear from June

Index – Tech-Tudomány – A popular YouTube job will disappear from June

At the beginning of May, YouTube announced that it would be removing ads that appear below videos, which would have been good news, but in the past few days black soup has come. As it turns out, there will soon be 30-second commercials during video playback on TVs that just won’t be skipped.

Half-minute commercials will appear instead of two consecutive 15-second ads. It seems that the global company has big plans for the future, which can also be inferred from the above changes. According to their recent announcement, one of the platform’s popular features, YouTube Stories, has fallen victim to the developments.

The feature debuted in 2018 and allowed creators to post short, mobile-only photos and videos that disappeared after seven days. As indicated in their announcement, the change is intended to prioritize other functions of the platform.

There are many ways to create content on YouTube today – from posts on short films and feature recordings to live videos. To highlight these key features, stories must appear

It was formulated As an alternative, they suggested that if someone wanted to build a closer relationship with followers, they should use a YouTube Short or share a post — which isn’t available to all users anyway.

According to their information, the change will take effect on June 23, after which it will no longer be possible to create a new story on YouTube. Content that has already been removed will be available for seven days from the time of posting.