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Index – Tech – This new video game stars the Netflix star

Index – Tech – This new video game stars the Netflix star

Remakes of horror games are a huge trend these days, and in the past few months, it has dead space next to Resident Evil 4 And it’s not over yet, because on October 25th, one of the scary video game old men will be resurrected in a similar fashion, Alone in the darkfive.

Reconsidered Alone in the dark It doesn’t come with any team either, given that Weird things Sharif Hooper A Black WidowDavid Harbor, as seen in The Horror Game, won’t be the only playable character, besides him Eve was killed and the free man We also get to control Emily Hartwood, brought to life by actress Jodie Comer, and although the NPCs we meet will react very differently to the character we choose, the story remains largely the same. the Alone in the dark In its remake, we take a nerve-wracking trip to the Derceto estate, where the mentally ill are treated, and where Emily’s uncle has narrowly disappeared.

In the third-person video game developed by Pieces Interactive and published by THQ Nordic for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, in addition to intense close-up battles against all kinds of terrifying monsters, there will also be puzzles on our way. While aAlone in the darkWe’ll need every bullet, after all, it’s a survival horror, and the puzzles would be a lot more indulgent. Depending on how bloody you feel like a detective, you’ll be able to choose how much help you get from the game, or whether you get it at all.

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the Alone in the dark It promises to be interesting not only because an old classic will be reworked in it and, quite expectedly, tailored to the needs of today’s gamers, but also because the remake will use different characters, locations and decorations from the first three acts of the game series.

For those who can’t wait and want to try it now, a ten-minute trial is available this coming fall Alone in the darkIn which you can play the prologue all the way through, controlling a young girl, Grace Saunders. Of course, the developers did not include pistol duels in this part, they just wanted to convey the atmosphere of the game with the demo.