Index - Tech - Sony told what they'll know about PlayStation VR2

Index – Tech – Sony told what they’ll know about PlayStation VR2

2022.01.06. 15:28

Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, officially confirmed at CES 2022 that PlayStation VR2, designed for the PlayStation 5 console, is coming. About the second generation virtual reality glasses for PS5 I’ve spoken before The Japanese giant, but there has been silence since then, and while Sony has yet to show off the new VR glasses themselves, the hardware specifications for the glasses have been revealed.

development company communication The PS VR2 will be able to bombard the wearer with haptic feedback, four regular head movement cameras and one infrared eye movement camera He follows. The image displayed by the device will be 4K in HDR (2000 x 2040 pixels per eye, OLED screen) and the image refresh rate can be 90 or 120 Hz per second. The wearer can see the image displayed by the glasses at an angle of 110 degrees, and carrying devices is modular presentation It is weakened by a technology called eye reduction, which reduces the resolution of the image displayed in the peripheral field of view by tracking eye movement, thus reducing the computational tasks to be performed. The VR2 will be connected to the PS5 via a USB-C cable, and there will be no problem with as many connectors as with the PSR on the PS4.

About consoles for new VR headsets from Spring 2021 remove the veil From the manufacturer, these controllers, called the Sense controller, are very similar to those Oculus developed from the PS Move controllers used in the PS4 virtual reality goggles. The VR2 controllers will have the same adaptive trigger and haptic feedback system as the DualSense, and the controller is said to be able to detect more precise movement and recognize where the player’s finger is on the joystick.

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At the moment, the Japanese have announced a new game for VR2, that is The call of the horizon from the mountain. There is no release date for the game or for virtual reality, but there is a very short fan of the first. From Horizon Games A forbidden west It will also arrive on PS5 in 2022.

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