Index - Tech-Science - Zoom now displays gender pronouns

Index – Tech-Science – Zoom now displays gender pronouns

In addition to the display name, the user’s chosen gender pronoun will now be visible in Zoom calls. The update came with Zoom 5.7.0.

So far, the popular video caller has given us the opportunity to determine which gender pronoun we use, but until now each call had to be monitored separately. With the new update, you can select your preferred pronoun in your Zoom profile settings, which will be automatically displayed there and in calls.

Although all personal pronouns are neutral in Hungarian, they are in English For example The third person is not, so if he talks about a person, he cannot refer to him negatively. As a result, there are attempts to introduce gender-neutral and gender-inclusive pronouns in English to properly express non-binary gender identity, mostly from their English counterparts (With them/that they/they) are used in odd numbers. To support this, Zoom introduced the new feature due to the protection of the LGBTQ community and the embarrassing situations that arise from misunderstanding.

Gender pronouns have been provided for both free and subscribed individual users, and will be shown by default for these profiles. For accounts used by several people, the view is turned off by default, but it can also be armed there by the administrator.

In the profile settings, there is an option for the user to turn off or change the default display so that Zoom will ask if they want to be shown at the start of each call. company to me This is good because there are people who use different pronouns in different situations. The profile card always shows what the user is setting up.

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Zoom isn’t the only technology company that pays special attention to helping its users express their identities properly. Instagram and Slack were updated last month with a similar feature, and Twitter is working on it to indicate a user’s preferred gender pronoun for updated profiles.

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