Index - Tech-Science - You're afraid of the merchant, but you can also get an hour's worth of wrapped ruin from an ordinary individual.

Index – Tech-Science – You’re afraid of the merchant, but you can also get an hour’s worth of wrapped ruin from an ordinary individual.

When the bad cars seem almost to run out, there is always a havoc that brings you back to reality. We also talk about this in the Totalcar newsletter, as well as about the used Opel Insignia, the Lada special, and throwing 250 million HUF out the window.

Hear from many car buyers that they don’t want to buy from a dealer because they are sure they are being scammed. And it doesn’t depend on what kind of used car he’s selling. We can also capture it from an individual Life-threatening ruins:

slowed down in 2022? Nana! One Really advanced machine On a slalom track, but let’s see what contrasts with the time of more modern competitors if it is governed by skillful hands:

Lots of them for sale, big enough for a family too, and they can be bought for good money. that’s it Opel Insignia The first generation. We looked at which motor to buy and whether you should be afraid of it at all:

Continental makes car tires using PET bottles, and that’s not the unknown future, it’s the present! Frame reinforced with From an unusual materialnot the tread:

250 million HUF can be spent in several ways. But it would probably be the least logical way if we wanted to Our dear toxic sports carThrow it in the trees. All this before we really enjoy it:

(cover photo: György Bolla/Totalcar; cover photo: Car Auditor/Totalcar)

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