Index - Tech-Science - You'll get even warmer from that, especially in cities

Index – Tech-Science – You’ll get even warmer from that, especially in cities

He writes that due to climate change, weather may become permanently very hot in Europe in 2040-2050, including Hungary a file. The paper analyzes the IPCC report from a regional perspective, about which we have already written.

According to the analysis, if global warming reaches 2 degrees Celsius, temperatures in Europe may increasingly exceed a critical threshold. If greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced in the coming years,

After that, critical temperature values ​​​​of the continent may stabilize in 2040-2050.

Because of warming, the frequency of cold and cold days and the extent of periods of snowfall and regions are also declining in Europe. In addition, global warming may increase the frequency of heavy rains and floods in Europe.

On a local level, it can be a bit reassuring that Hungary is close to an area where annual precipitation may be lower. However, in connection with this – as well as with warming – soil moisture may also decrease, which can have negative consequences.

On the other hand, it seems from the envelope that the temperature will continue to rise in the region, and this will be really noticeable in the cities. This is because buildings slow the flow of air while walls and roads store heat. In addition, urban activities often generate large amounts of heat themselves.

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