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Index – Tech-Science – When we say heat is hell, we’re not exaggerating – a world record has been broken

Index – Tech-Science – When we say heat is hell, we’re not exaggerating – a world record has been broken

Last week was the warmest week in the world since the records began, after the warmest June on record, and the organization (WMO) expects temperatures to rise further with the occurrence of El Niño for the first time in seven years, when ocean surface temperatures rise to the middle And the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean – wrote A Kyodo News.

The previous record global mean temperature was 16.94°C, which was measured on August 16, 2016, during the last onset of El Niño. The World Meteorological Organization said that the current El Niño phenomenon is expected to continue until 2024.

Last month, the global average temperature was 0.5°C above the 1991-2020 average, with record high temperatures in northwest Europe.

Global sea surface temperatures hit records in May and June this year, and the Geneva-based organization warns of impacts on fisheries and weather events.

The North Atlantic is one of the main drivers of severe weather. As the Atlantic Ocean warms, the potential for more hurricanes and tropical cyclones increases

Omar Badour, the head of the organization (WMO) in charge of climate monitoring, said in his press release.

Meanwhile, the extent of Antarctic sea ice was the smallest since satellite observations began in June, 17 percent below average.

However, in the Arctic, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), sea ice, although slightly lower than average, was more extensive in June than in the previous eight years.

This is the situation in Hungary

On Monday, the National Weather Service issued a warning for 14 counties due to high average daily temperatures. In the afternoon, the air temperature may rise to between 30 and 36 degrees.

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According to medical meteorological forecasts, every person is at risk of sunstroke and sunstroke.

The National Center for Public Health and the National Directorate General of National Disaster Management drew attention to the fact that prolonged heat is also stressful for a healthy body, but young children, the elderly and people with cardiovascular diseases are particularly at risk.

Experts recommend that everyone stay in a cool place, in the shade, and avoid physical labor during a heat wave, especially between the hours of 11am and 3pm. In the heat, the body needs more water than usual, so extra attention should be paid to fluid intake.

Chief National Medical Officer Cecilia Mueller, based on National Weather Service forecasts, taking into account the recommendation of the National Center for Public Health, the country is requesting a Class 2 Heat Alert from 00:00 on July 10, 2023 (Monday) until 24:00 on July 12, 2023 (Wednesday) for its entire territory, the National Directorate-General for Disaster Management announced.