Index - Tech-Science - Using a nuclear engine, we could be on Mars within 3 months

Index – Tech-Science – Using a nuclear engine, we could be on Mars within 3 months

On the red planet, which is 230 million km from us on average, the trip would take 3 years with existing chemical propellant rockets. Because NASA wants to reach the fourth planet in the solar system by 2035, they are looking for a way to shorten the path between the two planets, while avoiding the known drawbacks of long-distance space travel. One promising solution is nuclear thermal propulsion (NTP).

CNN reports that innovating ultra-secure nuclear technologies (USNC-Tech) in Seattle could reduce flight length by up to five to nine months, but experts say it can be shortened to 90 days. This may be primarily due to physiological reasons, as astronauts in deep space will not be protected for a long time by Earth’s magnetic shield, so they will generally be exposed to significant radiation over a long period of time.

The thrust would be a uranium-based nuclear reactor that generates heat. The heat generated will heat up the liquid fuel enough to turn it into gas, and the force of the ejected gas would drive the spacecraft. This solution will generate twice the thrust available with conventional chemical gears, although for the time being it will not be able to completely replace the conventional thrust.

One of the main problems is the flow of radioactive gas, so spacecraft will only be launched into space by conventional rockets

It will be launched at some distance from the ground

Nuclear propulsion. The propellant would be liquid hydrogen, whose tanks would also protect the crew unit at the other end of the spacecraft from radiation from the reactor.

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The company plans to use the payment not only in space exploration but also in the fields of military and space tourism.

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