Index - Tech-Science - This year's Prima Primissima nominees have been revealed

Index – Tech-Science – This year’s Prima Primissima nominees have been revealed

The OTP Bank and the Prima Primissima Foundation stated in their statement that the purpose of the Prima Primissima Prize is to support scientists, researchers, educators, creators, artists, journalists and athletes who provide unique performance in our country and abroad. The award was founded by businessman Sándor Demján 20 years ago, and OTP Bank has been managing and financing it since 2013. With this year’s award winners, the number of recognized excellence has risen to a total of 580, their activities have been supported by the Prima Primissima Foundation with more than HUF 5 billion.

Prima Primissima is not looking for momentary values, but for permanent and long-term achievements, which are a point of reference even in the face of uncertainty

– confirmed Sándor Csányi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Prima Primissima Foundation.

As written, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees slightly modified the honors categories this year, and the theater and cinematography category with dance, and the fine arts category with applied arts were supplemented. The category of journalism has also been expanded and expanded with the dissemination of knowledge, so that recognition can follow changes in the world of media.

Members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees select Primissimas members from among 30 candidates in a secret vote – 3 for each category, i.e. in total – who will receive a prize of 15 million forints. The Foundation supports it with 1 million forints. Of all the nominees, the winner of the audience prize, which can be chosen by SMS voting, will be the richest by HUF 15 million. This brings the total prize money to 265 million HUF.

The winners are expected to receive their awards in person again on December 2, 2022. The special feature of the awards ceremony planned at the Palace of Arts is that the winners of the Prima Junior Awards, Prima Prize and Prima Prima of the previous years participate in its programmes.

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Hungarian Literature Category Winners

Peter Dubay Poet, writer, playwright, Kossuth and Josef Attila award-winning writer, nation’s artist, member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts. Ferenc Andras Kovacs, Poet, essayist and translator award-winning Kossuth, Paprikoszuri and Joseph Attila, member of the Academy of Digital Literature. Elizabeth Toth, Poet Josef Attila and award-winning poet Paprikoszuri, is a regular member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

Hungarian Theatre, Film and Dance Award Winners

Laszlo Galvey, Theatrical artist, winner of two Kossuth Prizes, Mari Jászai and Antal Bäger, distinguished artist, member of the Society of Immortals and the Széchenyi Academy of Literature and Arts. Judit Pagani Playwright, Pinocchio, Juliette Lilium, Erna the President’s Wives, Urbane from the play The Cat, the mother character in the docudrama I Was a Good Mother, Mariska from Totic and Emerinc from Szeredás in the Door. Alicia Popova, Ballet artist, head of the school based on the values ​​of Hungarian and international classical ballet.

Winners in the Hungarian Fine and Applied Art category

Joseph Bexay Painter and graphic artist, corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts. Rita Hager Textile artist, Artist of the Nation, Kossuth Prize-winning industrial artist, and a member of SZIMA and the Hungarian Academy of Arts. Karoly Vajjochki, Painter and graphic artist, banknote designer, Firenze Award-winning graphic artist, also designed Croatian, Bangladeshi and Thai banknotes and was Head of Art at the Banknote Printing Office of the Hungarian National Bank for 25 years.

Hungarian Science Category Winners

Peter Hallmay Széchenyi Prize-winning economist and full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. László Lovász, A mathematician, thanks to his work theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics can become central areas of modern mathematics. Sandor Szákály, Historian, Director General of the VERITAS Institute for Historical and Archives Research, and Research Professor at Károli Gáspár Correctional University.

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Winners in the Hungarian Education and General Education Category

Katalin Jabnai Drama teacher and theater critic. Carole Hartlin master master, Based on his proposal, the first researchers night was held in 2005. Gabor Nogrady, A writer, folklorist, he has published five books of poetry, more than forty books for young people, and has also written many audio plays, television plays and films.

Hungarian Architecture Category Winners

tamas ghetto DLA, architect, interior designer, university professor. The Ybl Award-winning architect has been an MA in the Association of Architects’ College since 2002, and is currently a Professor at Moholy-Nagy University of the Arts and President of the Institute of Architecture. Peter Sugar, The architect, who has been studying at the BME School of Architecture for 20 years, was awarded in 2021 the “Fair Play Award” for architects, the Ivan Koutsis Medal. Laszlo Vancza, Architect, his work was honored with a YBL Award in 2009.

Winners in the Hungarian Information and Media Dissemination Category

The bartok radio, Classical Music Radio, the purpose of which is to convey and create cultural values ​​to the widest possible audience, serving and documenting the Hungarian musical life. Christina Hadas, Television journalist, editor and reporter whose name is associated, among other things, with the documentary series “The Real Emergency” that presents Hungarian healthcare. Her first book, Diary of an Imperfect Mother, was published in 2012. In her book “Mother’s Destiny” she writes about difficulties, failures and the most beautiful moments of motherhood. Anna Johasz, Writer, cultural director, producer, and creative editor for TV films, documentaries, and vlogs.

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Hungarian Sports Category Winners

Csaba Hegedüs, Olympic Wrestler, Head Coach, named World Wrestler and Athlete of the Year here. Tibor Pizza, Olympic and world fencer, who returned home with a silver medal from the world championships in Buenos Aires, Moscow, Montreal, Ankara and Vienna, and won bronze medals in Gdansk and Montreal. Zsuzsanna Vörös, Olympic pentathlon champion who won the first women’s Olympic gold medal in the pentathlon games in Athens 2004.

Winners in the Hungarian Folk Art and General Culture category

Giola Kovacs, Forster, custodian of ancient Hungarian fruit varieties, the largest collection in Europe, and custodian of the national heritage of the Pórszombati Genebank. The Dance House Association, who, as the social organizer of the half-century-old ballroom movement, have been active for more than three decades to ensure that ballroom values ​​become a part of our daily lives. Marta Virajvolgi, A violin teacher, folk musician, whose work as a recorder and teacher for several decades has resulted in the Handbooks of Folk Music series, the Examples of Folk Music series launched in 1989, of which the twenty-third volume was published this year.

Hungarian Music Category Winners

Cornell Horvat, He is a percussionist who is considered one of the best percussionists in the world for his unique playing style. Andras Keeler, Violinist, conductor, his work has received 65 international awards worldwide. Katie Kovacs, Singer, lyricist and film actress, who has achieved 49 major hits and 92 singles, is the most number of singles recorded in the history of Hungarian record production.

(Cover image: Katie Kovacs. Photo: Zsolt Zih/MTI)

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