Index – Tech-Science – This is what Lenovo’s first European factory looks like from the inside

China’s Lenovo delivered its first European factory in the summer of 2022, bringing the European supply chain to a whole new level – the facility in Anvil will supply the entire region with locally assembled Lenovo products.

As part of Lenovo’s global production and supply chain strategy, we are very pleased to open a new in-house production plant in Üllő. This announcement gives Hungary a definite position among Lenovo’s production sites around the world. We are very proud of this, as Hungary has very good relations, which brings us even closer to our European customers. From a local perspective, opening our manufacturing facility will have a positive impact on jobs and the broader ecosystem that comes with building a new manufacturing facility

– explained Anita Lukács, Managing Director, Lenovo Hungary. By the way, the facility, which operates on almost 50,000 square meters in two three-story buildings, is one of Lenovo’s largest production plants, thanks to which the production line can produce more than 1,000 servers and 4,000 workstations per day. It is interesting that all manufactured products are tailored to customer needs, so only devices for which orders have already been received are manufactured.

It will also power a small village

Innovative automation capabilities are found everywhere, including a first-class building management system that operates in the factory and logistics area to monitor temperature, humidity, device health, and tag DIMM robots. This allows Lenovo to optimally control the quality of products, but in the future they also want to take additional measures, for example, the heat accumulated in server rooms will be used to heat the building.

The local production of the devices – unsurprisingly – significantly reduces the time and distance of product delivery, thus providing the Chinese company with more efficient and sustainable goods delivery options. All of this, along with innovative manufacturing processes — such as Lenovo’s patented low-temperature welding process — helps Lenovo achieve its science-based climate goals.

The Hungarian facility is also part of Lenovo’s strategy to integrate global production and supply chains, which delivers to 180 markets from more than 35 production locations around the world – including Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, USA and Hungary, starting with The most simple computer, yet the supercomputer that hits university research laboratories and other scientific institutes.

Quality matters

By the way, the Hungarian plant is also distinguished by the quality of the products manufactured, thanks to the systems and ecosystems created by Lenovo, it is almost impossible to make mistakes – and if something goes wrong, there is a sign that is immediately visible, and help is immediately on the way. The high quality is also inferred by the fact that the factory in Anulő operates at a particularly high sampling rate, thus avoiding any products that might be poorly assembled or packaged with unsuitable accessories.

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In addition, the company has also committed to helping the city of Üll, for example, the IT room of a local school is equipped with a new equipment park, but also provides free transportation to residents who work there.

(Cover image: Lenovo)