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Index – Tech-Science – This is the world’s fastest supercomputer

Index - Tech-Science - This is the world's fastest supercomputer

The list of the best computers in the world is published twice a year website, the current winner was American Frontier, assembled together at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The United States again took over the management of the list of computers from Japan. This is also the first example of a supercomputer crosses Exascale cap during performance testing.

Frontier, whose system is based on Hewlett Packard’s Enterprise CrayEX platform, is still in the testing phase and, if all goes well, will be used by the Air Force and Department of Energy.

Air power and energy models and weather forecasting

Supercomputers are used to record numbers and data for advanced scientific applications, from molecular modeling to weather forecasting, and from quantum mechanics to nuclear fusion research.

While using a normal computer, computations are measured in millions of instructions per second (MIPS), a On supercomputers Floating Point Operations Per Second (FLOPS), supercomputers currently use hundreds of petaflops (1015th) every second. For comparison, the first petaflops supercomputer built in 2008 (from IBM) achieved the performance of one petaflop, a billion times that of a million floating-point operations per second.

To prevent the supercomputer from overheating, 6,000 gallons (22.712 liters) of water is pumped through the tanks per minute using four pumps.

Energy saving giant

Back in 2019 came the news that Frontiert 2021 The fastest supercomputer been planned. Although she stumbled for a year with it, it is forgiving that it eventually turned out to be greener, and more energy efficient than originally planned.

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The focus on energy efficiency by supercomputer manufacturers and operators is also evident in the fact that the Frontier system is miles ahead of last year’s winner – also from an environmental standpoint.

Finland’s EuroHPC, IBM Summit and Sierra are also among the top ten. China also reports that it already has two exascale supercomputers. The Japanese supercomputer Fugaku, which lost a lot of search data earlier this year due to backup failures, is now in second place in the Top 500 list, while the computer is ranked third by another HPE Cray system in Europe, LUMI.

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