Index – Tech-Science – The SMS mafia is on the move again

Scammers continue to send messages in which they want to gain illegal access to bank and credit card information – and although the messages are very transparent, anyone can become their victim with a little carelessness.

As Index previously reported, cases like this have doubled in recent weeks and months, and there are people in our editorial office who receive scam letters on a weekly basis. Last year we already wrote about scammers pretending to be courier services, but there have also been messages in the name of Netflix – and of course scams – and this is happening again.

And as before, the message reads as follows:

Netflix: Your last payment was declined, please confirm your payment details or your account will be suspended

As you can see, the SMS is riddled with misspellings and misspellings, which is the first warning sign that the message isn’t from Netflix. Of course, the best thing is that SMS is received by people who are not even subscribers, for whom it may be the most obvious thing that it is a scam.

If you receive such a message, do not open the link in it, and it is better to delete the letter itself so that you cannot click on it later, by pure chance.

(Cover photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

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