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Index – Tech-Science – The self-driving car has not cooperated with the police

Index – Tech-Science – The self-driving car has not cooperated with the police

A video has been filmed showing how an American police officer tried to stop a self-driving car – without much success.

According to Insider, the footage shows a self-driving Waymo car as a motorcycle police officer attempts to sail away in Phoenix, Arizona. A rally was held in the city, and the police wanted to stop the car because of this.

The owner of the car was sitting as a passenger in the seat of her mother-in-law, who laughingly explained to the police that he could not do anything,

Because the vehicle does not understand what the policeman wants from it and he cannot control the self-driving vehicle.

The owner who uploaded the video later told Insider that Waymo initially tried to avoid the marching crowd and then confronted a police officer. He then went for a walk, whereupon he found himself face to face with the other policeman (who can also be seen in the recording).

Although it is no longer visible in the video, the self-driving car finally managed to find the solution – in about a minute and a half.

When he came face to face with the second officer, he realized he had to turn around

said the owner of the car, who, according to his words, was surprised at how well the self-driving car handled the situation in general.

During the incident, Waymo customer service also contacted the owner by phone, and they stayed on the line until the passenger arrived at their destination. a Waymo spokesperson said to the insider: Company vehicles are also “trained” on how to handle hand signals and other traffic lights.

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In addition, there is still room for improvement in autonomous driving systems, as evidenced by a few cases.