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Index – Tech-Science – The Pentagon’s 2022 Unidentified Flying Object Report has been published

Index – Tech-Science – The Pentagon’s 2022 Unidentified Flying Object Report has been published

The US National Security Agency, ODNI, has released its annual legal report on Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomena, now known as UAPs. The long-awaited report is the second official summary of the matter since a shift in US policy, replacing the previous haze with the official and public investigation..

In addition to the 144 UAP Action Plans identified by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence based on reports from the past 17 years, 247 new reports were received, and another 119 were completed during preparation of the summary. On August 30, 2022, there were a total of 510 UAP reports

they write.

The vast majority of reports came from pilots in the US Navy and Air Force. The ad explains the sudden increase in views by saying that such phenomena should now be treated as potentially hostile activity, so UAP whistleblowers are not stigmatized.

The report noted that some of the 247 reports found contained an ordinary explanation by AARO, the agency that investigates anomalies. AARO receives all of these reports, not only from the Department of Defense, but also from civil aviation authorities, the Atmospheric Administration, the Department of Energy, and NASA.

While writing, many factors play a role in detections: weather, light conditions, atmospheric phenomena, and accurate interpretation of sensor data. They added that they always assume that the observer is reporting their experience to the best of their knowledge and that the tools are working properly.

UAPs are in most cases balloons or similar things. Of the 366 new reports, 26 were drones of some kind, 163 were balloons, and 6 were distractions (a flock of birds, a weather phenomenon, or a nylon bag blown by the wind).

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There were 171 reports that did not have a satisfactory explanation for the observation.

A few unexplained UAPs have shown in-flight and performance capabilities that require further investigation

says the report.

The official UAP report basically does not contain any slippery information. From the formulation of ODNI, it became clear that their main interest is not in extraterrestrial civilizations, but in flight safety and special drones for enemy military reconnaissance. There are indeed unexplained cases, but it is confirmed that there is no example of an American aircraft and UAP collision, and contrary to previous claims, no one reported health problems after seeing or approaching the UAP.

(Space.comAnd Vice)