Index - Tech-Science - The crew of Heavenly Palace, a Chinese space station under construction, has taken a tandem tour

Index – Tech-Science – The crew of Heavenly Palace, a Chinese space station under construction, has taken a tandem tour

Two Chinese magicians worked for seven hours outside the Tienkung (Sky Palace) space station in their country on Sunday. Thirteen years was the last time a Chinese astronaut left his craft and went into space; This was the second spaceflight in their country’s history and also the first tandem space walk.

Chinese space exploration is progressing at a rapid pace, they recently landed on Mars with a robot, and in June, three astronauts were sent by the Far Eastern country to work on the Chinese space station, Tienkung.

The crew of three will complete China’s longest space mission to date,

It is planned to remain for three months at the Heavenly Palace space station under construction, which may be operational by 2022.

Two crew members, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo, conducted the operation outside the first unit of the space station under construction on Sunday night, July 4, Hungarian time. Two Talonauts installed a wide-angle panoramic camera on the side of the space station and tested the robotic arm on the unit. The latter will play an important role in the construction and assembly of the space station, with refurbishment of new units.

The Chinese Space Agency also made a video and photos of the space walk mentioned, their own curiosity is that they showed the newly developed 130 kg clothing to Tienkung employees, the first sharp deployment. The broadcast, which was broadcast from an operation 350 kilometers above Earth, was followed by 200 million people on the Chinese social network Weibo.

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Liu and Tang were directed from the space station by their commander Ni Hag-Seng, whose third space flight was. The video shows you leaving the space station one by one starting from the sixteenth minute and starting the space walk:

The last time China deployed a man into space was in 2016 with the Shenzhou-11 mission, and is generally the third country after the Soviet Union (Russia) and the United States, whose astronauts have successfully conducted spacewalks. They plan to fire eleven more rounds by the end of next year, including a three-man mission. The expansion of the Heavenly Palace will also continue with these tasks, as the space station will be equipped with a laboratory unit, new equipment and astronauts.

The Far Eastern country announced the construction of its own space station after the United States banned China from the International Space Station with Wolf’s Amendment in 2011 and banned NASA from cooperating with the Chinese space agency. China was going to try to participate in the International Space Station missions by aiding US-Russian-Canadian-European-Japanese-Japanese cooperation, but the Americans would not allow it. Thus, a Chinese astronaut never visited the International Space Station.

The International Space Station is scheduled to close in 2024, but NASA says the modules will still be operational by 2028. China’s Paradise Palace, if completed in 2022, will operate for ten years, China pointedThey are open to international cooperation in Tienkungon.

(Cover image: A tandem spacewalk at the Chinese space station under construction on July 4, 2021. Photo: France Press agency)

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