Index - Tech-Science - The country's first robotic gallbladder surgery has succeeded

Index – Tech-Science – The country’s first robotic gallbladder surgery has succeeded

On May 24, the first surgery was performed using the Da Vinci Xi robotic surgery instrument, followed the next day by two additional robotic-guided surgeries. The first patient is fine, he may have left the clinic on the second day after the operation Semmelweis University.

As long as the range of motion of the human wrist is limited, the da Vinci system is able to move its robotic arms up to 520 degrees, allowing it to reach places and small movements that a surgeon cannot handle with precision using an open hand or a laparoscope during an open operation.

– said Attila Zijjarto, director of the Department of Surgery, Transplantology and Gastroenterology.

The patient is contacted by the four-armed robotic arm, and the doctor sits in contact with the robot while seated at the surgical console, which is controlled by pedals and joystick-like arms. The surgeon views the surgical area in three dimensions and at a magnification of at least ten times.

In the future, we will be able to surgically treat complex oncological diseases with this device. I can compare robot-controlled technology to a time when someone could actually drive a car and then learn to control the plane, unlocking new dimensions in 3D.

Professor added.

The advantage of robot-assisted surgical systems is that interventions can be performed more safely and accurately, patients recover faster, so they have to spend less time in the clinic. Semmelweis University has expanded its robotic surgery program to include teaching and research as well as recovery.

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