Index – Tech-Science – The contents of RTL’s broadcast platform can now be viewed on TV

Subscribers can follow the content they have already started or last watched on Vodafone TV at any time, and the content selected or currently being watched is available on the home page of the platform.

According to the service provider’s promise, each user can choose among the programs that best suit his interests based on individual content recommendations.

Those who need the RTL + Active package can watch content on three devices at the same time.

By the way, this package contains more software than the RTL + Light package, which is available for a longer period of time, and most of them can be played in Full HD quality. Users who subscribe to it also experience fewer ads.

How it works?

After opening the RTL+ app in the app list of a Vodafone TV media box device, a one-time pairing of the device is required.

First of all, this requires a user account that can be created with a simple registration on the RTL + website. With this, the user is automatically taken to the RTL + Light package, where they have the opportunity to pair their devices using the icon displayed on the TV screen in the My Profile menu item.

Content becomes available based on the package (RTL + Light, RTL + Active, or RTL +) with which the device is paired.

There was also bad news from the broadcasting world. Netflix has already promised to limit the ability to share passwords on its interface. Tuesday I officially announce the end of free password sharing for people who don’t live in the same house. Accordingly, the Hungarian audience will soon be affected by the change.

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