Index - Tech-Science - Russian hackers stole US military information

Index – Tech-Science – Russian hackers stole US military information

17/2/2017 09:11

Russian state-backed hacker groups have been attacking US military suppliers for at least two years, according to an official joint warning from the US Cyber ​​Security Office (CIA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and National Security. Agency (NSA).

The attackers successfully infiltrated the companies involved in the Ground Forces, Air Force, Space Forces, Department of Defense and the Intelligence Program, obtaining data from weapons, missiles, vehicles, aircraft, surveillance and intelligence systems and communications systems on the battlefield.

Information obtained in this way contains non-confidential technologies that were subject to export restrictions. The ad does not claim that the hackers obtained classified information, however, the details show that they were able to learn more about the operations of parts of the US military.

The information obtained provides insight into the development of US weapons platforms, deployment schedules, vehicle data, communications infrastructure plans, and information technology. Through this inside information and e-mail, an adversary can improve its military plans and priorities, speed up its weapons development, inform foreign decision-makers of U.S. intentions, and attack sources of recruitment.

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Although Russia often tolerates cybercrime groups operating in its territory, it is relatively rare for Russia to be accused of supporting hackers in official US communications. The fact that this report places it may be due to the tensions that threaten the military conflict on the Ukrainian border.

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