Index - Tech-Science - Phishing returns to Hungarian girls' Facebook accounts

Index – Tech-Science – Phishing returns to Hungarian girls’ Facebook accounts

2021.07.23. 13:04

It links to a stolen profile picture and links to a fake login page. A professional hacker attacks with chat, communicates convincingly, the only way against him is if we don’t believe him and switch to two-factor authentication.

A simple phishing method, released in 2018, that he uses to steal login credentials to attack girls on Facebook, most likely to get private content, photos, and videos, has hit his head again. It is not a virus, but a scam backed by personal communications.

The essence of the attack is that the masked hacker sends a fake message that the target person’s profile picture is being used by another account and then redirects the link where it is supposed to be displayed. The link takes you to a fake login page where the target person tries to login, and gives your password to the hacker.

illustration 1

Photo: Facebook Messenger

With this technique, 133 girls’ accounts were hacked three years ago. The perpetrator of the bot attack was also called a literal hacker because, in addition to social planning, he tried to impress his victim through a personal conversation on Messenger.

In the latter case, statement Joseph McKay As described by a security expert

The attacker must have converted the site from an outdated, outdated model to one that would not arouse the suspicion of Hungarian users, and through live chat, investing a lot of time and effort, convinced users that the link was not sent by a virus.

The attack can be used against accounts that are not protected with two-factor authentication, as only those who receive an identification code via SMS can log in with the additional security feature that can also be turned on on Facebook.

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Anyone who clicks on such a message and tries to access the page they receive will do well to change their password as soon as possible.

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