Index - Tech-Science - Nobody smiles, everyone laughs in tears

Index – Tech-Science – Nobody smiles, everyone laughs in tears

Publishing a list of the most used emojis in 2021 in Unicode, it seems impossible to turn off the head of crying laughter in the first place. According to some opinions, passive aggression and rejection Expressive, a smiling head, not only did it drop out of the top ten most used yellow symbols, but it didn’t fit into the top twenty either.

Crying laughter has been at the top of the lists since 2017, and not so much: According to Unicode, it accounted for five percent of all emoji sent online in 2021.

The only thing that came close to first place was the simple red heart symbol. The consortium survey also found it interesting that 92 percent of the global Internet user community use small yellow icons when communicating online.

Unicode conducted its last comprehensive survey two years ago, in 2019, about the world’s use of emojis, even at that time the laughing-cry face in the first place. There is a slight change in the 10 most used icons in a two-year perspective, however, when looking at the 100 most submitted icons, health-related ones such as the mask-wearing emoji or fever head appear.

Unicode currently offers 3,663 standard symbols. In the annual survey, symbols were ranked by median frequency from data from several sources. For the study, the different variables for each emoji—gender and skin color—were not considered separately, and a representative sample was counted. Full search and data used On the Unicode page Available here.

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