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Index – Tech-Science – NMHH launches a page describing online platforms

Index – Tech-Science – NMHH launches a page describing online platforms

The National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH) launches an informative website about the use of online platforms. According to the authority’s declaration sent to MTI, the use of social media, video sharing, streaming providers, search engines or online stores requires attention and awareness – and the website that is now being launched will help with this.

According to the advertisement, it is It answers questions like:

What should you pay attention to when using Facebook? How much does tiktok cost young people? What is the impact of these platforms on the economy, culture, education, mother tongue, or the human psyche? What are the social benefits, adverse effects and risks of using social media?

The authority’s announcement highlighted that the main objective in creating the new EU regulation, the Digital Services Regulation (DSA), is to ensure that users’ rights enjoy special protection when using online platforms, and to ensure transparency and accountability for online platforms. .

The site also fulfills the duties of the NMHH Digital Service Coordinator. The DSA regulation created this role: in each member state, the designated authority would be responsible for implementing the regulation.

Short information sheets, informative articles and scholarly papers will also be available on the page describing the platforms, and will be continually updated to support users in safely navigating the online world.