Index - Tech-Science - NMHH creates a Data Eraser app

Index – Tech-Science – NMHH creates a Data Eraser app

The Communications Department of the National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH) told MTI on Friday that it will provide the technical background for introducing an app that makes data permanently inaccessible.

In line with the government decree on the planned free case data wipe application, NMHH is currently working to have an easy-to-use, secure software available by May 1 that meets the criteria set out in the legislation.

The program will allow the permanent deletion of personal data from the portal available on the Authority’s website by downloading and using a deletion program that can be activated with a unique code that is sent via e-mail. After the cancellation, they added, the consumer would receive an official cancellation certificate via email as required by a government decree.

NMHH is also required by law to establish instructions for using the app and for manufacturing and registering stickers containing the codes required for scanning, which the buyer will receive from the merchant when purchasing the data carrier.

The Communications Authority will deliver the posters to the government office in the capital, creating an opportunity for them to reach the merchants through the district offices.

As it was recalled, European Union data protection regulations enshrine the right to delete personal data, which is facilitated by the planned service under government decree.

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