Index - Tech-Science - NASA's space capsule has successfully returned to Earth

Index – Tech-Science – NASA’s space capsule has successfully returned to Earth

The planned descent of the spacecraft module was at 12:40 a.m. EST, which, according to the live broadcast, occurred around that time.

NASA’s new moon program is Artemis, whose first unmanned flight was Artemis I. Its purpose was to test the spacecraft capsule in preparation for crewed flights. The missile is in its nose cone Orion space unit Loaded with scientific instruments, it launched on November 16 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The total budget for the test flight was $4 billion (about 1,600 billion forints). NASA’s goal is for humans to set foot on the moon again in the second half of the decade.

As we wrote, a Launched with four engines and two boosters, the SLS launch vehicle is the largest rocket ever built, recycling technology left over from the space shuttle program, which was retired a decade ago. More on that We wrote hereThe point is, the RS-25 engines are practically the most tested and most reliable items in the program.

The next mission, Artemis-2, is planned It will carry astronauts for the first time, which, like the Apollo program schedule, would also begin to orbit the Moon. The landing on the moon will be carried out by the Artemis-3 crew – for this, NASA has identified 13 possible landing sites around the south pole of the Moon in mid-August this year.