Index - Tech-Science - NASA is waiting for settlers to find out what it would be like to live on Mars

Index – Tech-Science – NASA is waiting for settlers to find out what it would be like to live on Mars

Volunteers Recruitment NASA’s Crew Health Mission and Analog Performance Exploration. It will start a total of three times, each lasting one year and similarly a earlier For the analog missions, participants on Earth will live in simulated conditions that will have physical, mental, and emotional effects on them in space or on another planet.

The first test will begin in the fall of 2022, and NASA has announced on its website that it is waiting for volunteer applicants.

During the test, participants’ Mars conditions will be simulated at the Lyndon B Johnson Space Center in Houston. This site is one of the centers of NASA, whose main profile is also the preparation of human spaceflight and related research and development. During the simulation at the space center, the participants will have to solve problems that may arise on the surface during the flight to the moon and Mars and after landing.

Simulated exercises will take place in a 158-square-foot facility made up of 3D-printed units called Mars Dune Alpha. During the one-year test, four will be shut down together at the same time, and they will also have to deal with limited communications, limited food and energy reserves, and faulty appliances. Food reserves will consist of spacecraft as consumed by the International Space Station crew.

Participants will also need to stand outside the building and complete the tasks that the colonizing astronauts will have to perform on the Red Planet. This includes walking in space under simulated conditions, collecting scientific materials and research, but also controlling robots.

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For someone to ever apply to NASA, serious criteria must be met. Applicants must be non-smoking US citizens or permanent residents between the ages of 30 and 55 and have fluent English language skills. In addition, a master’s degree in STEM (engineering, mathematics, biological, physical or computer science) from an accredited institution with at least two years of work experience in the field is required. Two years of experience can be exchanged for a pilot’s license and 1,000 flying hours, participation in STEM doctoral training, or a medical degree already obtained.

Those who do not meet the criteria above but have completed military officer training, four years of professional experience and hold an undergraduate degree in STEM may also apply.

Former NASA astronaut Chris Hadfield to me It’s good that the space agency has set such a serious set of criteria, because it proves that they are looking for real astronauts for a mission to Mars.

After testing begins in 2022, the second and third simulations of Mars are expected to begin in 2024 and 2025 at the Johnson Space Center. A similar experiment has been conducted in the past in Tirol, Hawaii and Oman.

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