Index - Tech-Science - More control over lost WhatsApp messages is coming

Index – Tech-Science – More control over lost WhatsApp messages is coming

The missing messages appeared on WhatsApp last November and were automatically deleted from the system seven days after they were sent. Developers now announceThe time limit can be set, it is now possible to specify 24 hours or 90 days in addition to the one-week period.

In addition to changing time limits, a new feature is that new conversations can now be started with missing messages; If someone turns this on, both ends of the conversation will see a gray notification at the top of the message at the start of the conversation to alert them. Missing messages can also be played in group chats.

The WhatsApp to me It is important to know the missing messages that

  • If the user does not open the application on their phone within the specified time (1, 7 or 90 days), the message will disappear from the chat.
  • When replying to a missing message, the text of the missing message may remain as a quote.
  • If a missing message is forwarded to another chat, its text will remain where it was forwarded.
  • As with the previous point, messages lost on screensavers can remain as a copy in other applications if they were copied before the message disappeared.
  • The backup contains the lost messages, but also contains the exact time for them. If a restore occurs but times out, the lost message will be deleted after the backup.

Existing chats will not be affected by the new feature. To play lost messages in Android or iOS version of WhatsApp a Settings>Account>Privacy>Default Message Duration The required duration must be specified in the menu item. Missing messages use end-to-end encryption, just like other messages in chat.

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